Molly Fitz
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The Truth Behind Octo-Cat

I’m often asked how I manage to write such a realistic character in Octo-Cat. Am I owned by two very demanding cats? Yes. Was I raised with a fine cast of feline friends? All my life. But here’s the real deal…

I understand cats, because in a lot of ways I’m just like them. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which means I love routines and fixate on weird things. Makes it easy to slip into the feline mind, really!I tell you this now, because I want you to know two things.

1) You can still live your dreams and have a very full life even with struggles, even with being different, or otherly abled.

And 2) To explain why my next book has been slow coming. 

I’ve been sitting at the halfway mark on LEGAL SEAGULL for months now. The problem? It’s hard to be funny, when there’s so much anxiety swirling around regarding current events. And I don’t want to release anything less than my best work.

So I delay and find other things to do. I’ve started writing a side project with a new kitty detective to rejuice my creativity. And tomorrow I’ll dive into LEGAL SEAGULL again, and pray that this is the time I’ll finally regain my funny and give you a wonderful new book to read.

Any encouragement you have is greatly appreciated. I love reading your notes via email and social media and knowing how much these characters mean to you.

They mean a lot to me too, and I miss them so much!Here’s to a great week ahead for both of us and much more Octo-Cat coming soon.

Wishing you warm fuzzies,