Plan – Molly Fitz

Pet Whisperer P.I.

Octo-Cat is an extremely spoiled cat who can talk to his human. Together, they form a private investigator team.

The Criminal Cat Cozy Mysteries

BC is the right-paw guy to a sneaky criminal. He often works against his owner to try to prevent the crimes from happening.

The Cozy Kitten Cafe

A new series based in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

The Catastrophe Files

Jane Austen is an emotional support animal who goes with her shy author human everywhere. She and her human are both very observant and often intercept crimes and solve mysteries on their outings.

Claw & Order

Moss is a shifter who is stuck in cat form and works the magical court system to serve out his term.

The Meowing Medium Mysteries

Shadow can see ghosts. Through their connection, her human can talk to them and help solve their mysteries from beyond-the-grave.