The Meowing Medium: Special Full Trilogy Edition

The Meowing Medium: Special Full Trilogy Edition
Series: Special Collections, Book 7

Shadow is a cat who’s lived many lives.

Most of them as a ghost.

Whenever this spectral feline makes an appearance, her new owner is granted a very special gift—the power to communicate with spirits.

But this gift comes with a hefty dose of danger for its newest recipient, Mags McAllister, a modern candlestick maker and minor social media celebrity.

Join Mags and Shadow as they attempt to uncover the mysteries surrounding three untimely deaths with the help of three spirit victims that run the gamut from demure to demanding, conflicted to curious, and everything in between.

If you like magical cats, old houses, and a healthy dose of historical intrigue, then you do not want to miss this complete series from two USA Today bestselling author pals. Yes, here it is! This is your chance to binge read the full trilogySecrets of the Specter, Gifts of the Ghost, and Pleas of the Poltergeist—in this special boxed collection… Enjoy!

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