Secrets of the Specter

Secrets of the Specter

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About the Book

Mags McAllister enjoys her work as a candlestick maker in the historic district of Larkhaven, Georgia—never asking for anything more from her simple life. Then, one day, a white cat with mismatched eyes shows up outside her shop and refuses to leave—not for rain, not for tourists, not for anything.

Mags reluctantly takes him home, only to find that his presence changes everything inside her echoing plantation-style home. Nothing looks changed, but whenever Shadow is near, she can hear voices and sounds that shouldn’t be there. Even worse, the next time she enters her family’s candle shop, she meets a disembodied voice who shares her name and claims Mags will also share her fate if they can’t solve the mystery that’s haunted this location since 1781… and quickly, because she won’t be able to maintain her strength for long.

Talk about a cold case!

Can the twenty-first-century Mags finally free her eighteenth-century counterpart, or has Shadow just signed her death warrant by opening her ears to the supernatural secrets that surround her normally sleepy small town?