Retriever Ransom

Retriever Ransom
Series: Pet Whisperer P.I., Book 10

A dognapping turns into a kidnapping, which turns into... murder?

Octo-Cat and I have officially landed our first paying gig!

Our client? None other than the brand-new mayor of Glendale. You see, some disgruntled constituent just dog-napped the poor guy's golden retriever and will only return the purloined pooch when he agrees to resign his small-town position of power.

But little does our client know that while we search for his missing companion, we'll also be delving into his past to uncover the motive behind this sinister plot to push him out of office.

Woof, talk about drama!

Luckily, I've got the world's best talking cat on my side, which means I'm sure to land on my feet with this investigation... Uh, right?

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About the Book

A new year means a new mayor in the sleepy seaside town of Glendale. Unfortunately, not everyone’s happy about his election. In fact, someone’s so unhappy that they kidnap his beloved Golden Retriever and leave a ransom note claiming they’ll only return the dog when the man resigns his position.

Enter Angie and Octo-Cat with their first official paying case. Little does the mayor know that while they work to safely recover his ransomed retriever, they’ll also be investigating his past to figure out why someone would go so far to keep him out of office.

Can a talking cat find a missing dog? Will he even want to? Find out in the latest adventure of Pet Whisperer P.I.