Purebreds & Purrjury

Purebreds & Purrjury
Series: Claw & Order, Book 2

Do a good job, and they give you even more work.

I’m not sure why I expected anything different from the goody two-shoes jerks at the Magical Corrections System. So here I am, a once-thief trying to keep these two-leggers on the straight and narrow. Have I mentioned I’m a shifter who’s been sentenced to remain in my cat form until my time is up?

Yeah, I’m a big fluffy cat with zero of my usual magic, but that doesn’t stop me from being the best temp agent the MCS has ever seen. And right now, my partners and I are tailing a mage bent on exposing magic to the world.

The stakes are high. The payout will be next-to-nothing.

If I play my cards right, I just might be able to earn my parole… and the heart of the woman I love, the woman who’s only ever known me as a sweet, little kitty cat. Right now they’ve got me busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes, but that can’t last forever. Right? RIGHT?!

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