Pleas of the Poltergeist

Pleas of the Poltergeist
Series: Meowing Medium, Book 3

My name is Mags McAllister, and I really need to stop being surprised when new ghosts show up at my door.

Thanks to my special spectral feline Shadow, I have a largely unwanted link to the spirit realm—and word is starting to spread that I’m a good person to haunt for those who wish to button up their unfinished business.

This time, my new ghost has a voice of her own, and she is definitely not afraid to use it—to make demands, complain, and even to criticize my choice of clothing. Frankly, I’m eager to help her just, so that I can be rid of this 1950s era loudmouth.

Once she’s taken care of, maybe I can finally start getting my own life in order… and finally choose between the two men who each hold a piece of my fractured heart.

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