Pets & Parolees

Pets & Parolees
Series: Claw & Order, Book 3

It’s a sad day when I’m the Magical Corrections System’s best shot at bringing down a corrupt magic user who’s determined to sell his power to the highest bidder.

Yeah, my former con-man ways are turning into quite the asset for MCS, not that I ever get any thanks around here. They are, however, letting up on my leash a little to aid me in going undercover. Of course, as a tradeoff they’ve saddled me with a slobbery new chaperone.

I’ve only just gotten used to working with the girls, and now they stick me with a mangy dog shifter, who—like me—is stuck in his fur for the moment.

But you already knew I wasn’t a real cat, right?

I just look and act… and yeah, I smell like one, too. Not for much longer, though. Because if I can crack this case in record time, they just might reward me with my freedom. All I can say to that is FINALLY!

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