Paws & Probable Cause

Paws & Probable Cause
Series: Claw & Order, Book 1
Tag: Series Starters

My name is Moss O’Malley, and I’ve just been sentenced to three years in the magical corrections system. Thanks to my thieving ways—or rather the fact I got caught—I have to live the next three years as a cat, unable to shift back to my human form or use magic of any kind.

Just when I think I’m about to lose my mind for good, an agent breaks me free on the condition I’ll help with one of her cases. So now I must serve and protect, using my criminal wiles to catch others doing the same kinds of things that got me locked up in the first place.

It beats languishing at the cat rescue—sure—but will I be able to catch the super-powered bad guys without having any powers of my own to call on?

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