Moonlight and Magic

Moonlight and Magic

An ancient grimoire. A family curse. Will Halloween bring treats or death?

Sydney Coleman is coexisting with her ghostly roommates. But if she hopes to keep the Gothic manor, she has to bring in some cash. Charging for haunted Halloween tours could save them, if it doesn’t kill her first…

It’s a pity she didn’t listen when the lordly feline warned her not to toy with the spellbook. Now Sydney’s reliving the same day over and over—and every loop ends with a corpse on the floor and her in handcuffs.

Can Sydney unravel the confusing clues, or will time run out?

Moonlight and Magic is the second book in the spell-tacular paranormal cozy mystery series, Mysteries of Moonlight Manor. If you like snarky heroines, quaint locations, and clever cats, then you'll love Molly Fitz and Trixie Silvertale’s twisty mystery.

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