Merlin’s Magical Mysteries Special Full Trilogy Edition

Merlin’s Magical Mysteries Special Full Trilogy Edition
Series: Special Collections, Book 0

Merlin is just your ordinary, everyday Maine Coon.
Except he's a witch.
With a human familiar.

In the sleepy Georgian town of Elderberry Heights, danger lurks around every counter but the laughs are never far behind. Join Merlin and his sidekick Gracie as they fight off evil ex-girlfriends, vicious ghosts, and even a horde of zombie squirrels.

If you love quirky humor and madcap magical adventures, then you do not want to miss this hot new series from a USA Today bestselling author. Here it is! This is your chance to binge read the full trilogy— Merlin Takes a Familiar, Merlin Fights a Ghost, and Merlin Kills a Zombie—in this special boxed collection… Enjoy!

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