Honeymoon Hearsay

Honeymoon Hearsay
Series: Pet Whisperer P.I., Book 17

The old stone mansion Charles and I have booked for our week-long honeymoon seems to be something straight out of a fairytale.

That is, until it all starts to fall apart. Quite literally. My poor husband plunges straight through the staircase on our first night--and it's a real wonder he didn't need serious medical intervention after that.

I want to find another place to stay, but Charles insists he's okay and that he'd like to see the week out. Of course, we become stucker than stuck when we stumble upon a lost kitten crying for her missing mama in the back garden.

We can't just leave her, but we also can't stay here, especially once deadly rumors begin buzzing in the garden… What happened to Charles wasn't a mistake, but he also may not be the intended target.

Time to find the kitten's mama and skedaddle. I just got married; I'm definitely not ready to become a widow!

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