Grizzly Grievance

Grizzly Grievance
Series: Pet Whisperer P.I., Book 13

Life has been kind of hectic lately, so Charles and I have decided to fill our weekend with the three Rs: Rest, Relaxation, and Romance, courtesy of a private weekend away.

Unsurprisingly, two furry stowaways manage to sneak aboard our rental RV, which means we're stuck with one very bossy talking cat and a raccoon who's decided to role-play the weekend as some kind of big rig trucker.

And if that wasn't enough to put a damper on things, the dead body that shows up in the communal picnic area surely does the trick.

Throw in a grizzly mama with a desperate plea for us to help find her cubs, a budding reality TV star who's desperate to be liked by everyone she meets, and a couple secrets of our own, and the four of us are in for one wild, wild weekend!

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