Black Cat Benefit

Black Cat Benefit
Series: Shorts

Nan has volunteered to raise funds for the local animal shelter by throwing the most lavish—but also the most convoluted—charity event in Blueberry Bay history. The so-called “Black Cat Benefit” is one part adoption event, one part dinner party, and also one part silent auction, formal ball, and glammed-up race for the cause. Unfortunately, when a guest turns up dead partway through the night, nobody takes his murder seriously, assuming it’s yet another part of the planned festivities. Oops! Can Angie, Nan, Octo-Cat, and Paisley, along with a clowder of uninitiated black shelter cats, catch the killer and save the night from ruin?

BLACK CAT BENEFIT can be read as a stand-alone, but chronologically it fits between LEGAL SEAGULL and GRIZZLY GRIEVANCE… Enjoy!

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