Molly Fitz
Sharing is Caring!

A Whole New Generation of Animal Stories

Ever since I was very small, reading has been my favorite thing in the whole wide world. Naturally, once I started writing books for a living, I wanted to share stories with those who are just starting to discover the endless possibilities that come inside a book.

And so the first of these stories was published in 2012 under my previous pen name, Emlyn Chand. I wrote and published twelve in all before I got too sick to keep going. That was when the best thing in the entire world happened to me— I became a mom.

My daughter is now six years old and has decided that she would like to write stories, too. Of course this felt like the perfect opportunity to relaunch this fun and feathery collection. So now these bird-brained stories are back— without their original illustrations— but with something so much better, edits and adjustments from my own little girl.

Sharing these stories with her and watching her laugh at the birds’ antics, ask questions about new words, and predict what would happen next brought each and every one of the characters to life in a whole new way for me.

Now I have passed the baton to my precious Pixie. These are no longer my stories, but hers. In a way, they were always hers. I hope you will enjoy Tale Feathers and share it with a special young reader in your life.

Love always, Molly
Proud Mommy of Pixie Katz